Restricted license

If you are about to lose your driver's license for having accumulated a surplus of demerit points, contact us as soon as possible. We could obtain you a license for you for work purposes.

All these services will be provided to you personally by our team, which has extensive experience in this field. 
Our advantageous package includes:

  • Drafting the motion;
  • Opening the file with the court;
  • Preparing your testimony;
  • Presenting the motion to the court.

Our recent successes

Charges for possession of more than 30 grams of marijuana and 8 plants. Following a guilty plea, our client received an absolute discharge, the lowest-level sentence possible, and avoided a criminal record.

R. c. E.L

Speeding charges. During the legal proceedings, we demonstrated that the signage was not visible.
Our client was immediately acquitted.


Charges for failing to stop at the scene of an accident. During the legal proceedings, we demonstrated that our client was not aware of the accident. Our client was acquitted.

City of Gatineau v. A.C.